EcoPile Vinyl Pilings

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As the most economically and environmentally friendly composite marine piling date, the EcoPile was designed directly for the marine contracting industry.  EcoPile vinyl composite piling is totally impervious to wood-boring organismshas a much longer lifespan than treated lumber, and is UV/IR resistant. 

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  • Boat friendly
  • Cost effective
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Maintenance free
  • UV resistant
  • IR resistant
  • 100% recyclable 
  • 100% free of leaching chemicals
  • 100% resistant to wood-boring organisms

Never Change Your Pilings Again

Internal Webbing for Increased Strength

Unlike many other hollow pilings, the EcoPile contains an internal hexagram truss system to significantly increase the pilings’ strength and rigidity.  The intertwined webbing of these triangles work together to create a stronger, more sturdy piling.  In addition, the hollow spaces between the triangles allow for you to run wiring or plumbing through the EcoPile.


Grooved Retention Rings to Reduce Settling

To ensure the piling is properly secured in place, the bottom segment of the EcoPile is threaded so that sand can freely grip the piling.  The additional surface areas from the grooves and aforementioned webbing lends to making the EcoPile very resistant to settling.  Furthermore, these threaded grooves ensure the EcoPile locks into the ground and prevent it from being pulled during severe weather storms.


PVC & Fiberglass Composite for Increased Weather Resistance

During the manufacturing process, chopped fiberglass is added to the rigid PVC.  These fiberglass additives make the EcoPile stronger, enhances its impact resistance, and creates an outer layer that is UV/IR resistant.  The outer layer also helps keep the piling cool to the touch during sunny days, and boosts its resistance to weathering overtime.

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